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Alex Blazer is the Founder and Managing Partner of SeedLogic, a digital advertising & marketing technology firm. Focused on integrity and bottom-line results, Alex and the SeedLogic team deeply ingrain themselves into their client’s business — solving complex problems across a variety of industries. By choosing to work with companies that also prioritize integrity & developing strong relationships with their customers, SeedLogic produces both immediate & long-term solutions that create an impact far beyond marketing and Ecommerce. Starting in a basement with one client, SeedLogic now represents global brands, high-growth startups, and everyone in between. After 7 years in New York City — working for both agencies & technology firms — Alex now lives in Kansas City with his wife, 3 kids, and a disturbing BBQ-to-population ratio. Passionate about music & history, Alex loves to illicit eye-rolls by mentioning obscure facts, quotes, and analogies in conversation.


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July 6th, 2021

Nine Tips To Master Cold-Calling (Even When You’re Nervous)

For many professionals, cold-calling is a tall hurdle. They dread having to make the calls, worried they'll be rejected or forget what they need to say. They know the person on the other end isn't fond of receiving these types of calls, and yet they still must pick up the phone and dial the next number on their list because they know cold-calling has the power to get more sales.

June 24th, 2021

Eight Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Forward With A New Product Or Service Idea

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are often filled with ideas, but that doesn't mean they should always move forward with them. It’s first important to determine if that new product or service idea is actually a viable option for your business. Asking yourself some initial questions can help you validate your idea before taking the next steps to see it through to fruition.

November 20th, 2019



Full-Service eCommerce Marketing Seedlogic is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on precision media buying, customer lifetime-value management and analytics. Seedlogic was founded in 2017. With an emphasis on long-term relationships and strategic partnerships, Seedlogic aims to understand the high-level issues and growth opportunities facing companies. By collaborating with in-house marketing, sales, product development, engineering, and management teams, Seedlogic strives to improve each client's bottom line. Seedlogic Services Include: - Strategic Marketing and Planning - Digital Media Buying - Data Aggregation and Analysis - Graphic Design - Website and UX/UI Design - Predictive Analytics - Front-end Development - Content Creation - Consumer Behavior Profiling


  • Digital Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics
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