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Aidar Vafin, an entrepreneur, investor, author, head and founder of ARFEN in Russia. Currently co-founder and COO of ARFEN INC in the USA. The leader with more than 10 years of successful managing work experience and remarkable results. Our company ARFEN has leading positions in its segment, engaged in the producing and supplying architectural and engineering construction materials as well as building its own dealer network around the world.


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Since its inception in 1999 ARFEN has been producing top quality solutions to meet the constant demand of construction and industrial sectors. In order to reach a success we continue to abide by our mission statement "To consistently provide the greatest quality products and services while meeting the needs of all clients through innovation". ARFEN continues to produce its products in each of it's three 18,000 square meter enclosed warehouse facilities located in the Hadımköy Industrial area, the Çorlu Organized Industrial area and the Gebze Organized Industrial area (Turkey, Istanbul). ARFEN has become one of the largest manufacturer's in the plastic, aluminum and rubber industry which can be directly attributed to our specialized management approach in manufacturing.  While constantly updating out state-of-the-art production systems, ARFEN also places a great deal of emphasis on striving to provide the safest and healthiest possible environment both in and outside of the workplace.  ARFEN fulfills the needs of the construction industry with its dilatation profiles, expansion joint profiles, bearings, decoration profiles, Vinyl wall and corner protection systems, Aluminum matting systems, Hydroflex and chamfer bands and other. By using customized, constantly updated machinery, ARFEN's production capacity is drastically ahead of its competition thus allowing ARFEN to diversify its capabilities to fulfill the needs of countless types of businesses. ARFEN has been able to expand  globally, providing construction materials to more than 50 countries and now we are working to create ARFEN Inc. success in the USA. ARFEN’s excellence in production quality is by virtue of its dedicated and diligent employees from all departments within the company. After 20 years of successfully running ARFEN our managing members find it paramount to thank our employees, customers and suppliers for their contributions that led to the unparalleled success of our business.