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YEC Reads: The Business Playbook by Chris Ronzio

YEC Reads: The Business Playbook by Chris Ronzio

Welcome to "YEC Reads," a series presenting business books for entrepreneurs authored by members of YEC. Today's pick:

The Business Playbook: How to Document and Delegate What You Do So Your Company Can Grow Beyond You

by Chris Ronzio

Lioncrest Publishing
October 5, 2021

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Our Take:

In The Business Playbook, YEC member Chris Ronzio shares his straightforward, step-by-step system to help entrepreneurs organize the chaos of business and create a thriving business with scalable processes.

About This Book:

Entrepreneur, CEO, or business leader: no matter your title, the success of your company is a responsibility — and weight — that lies squarely on your shoulders. In the beginning, increased control was an asset that bought you peace of mind. But now, without the structure your business needs to thrive, you’re overworked, overwhelmed, and unsure of the path ahead.

Fortunately, everything that makes your company work can be captured and put to work for you.

In The Business Playbook, serial entrepreneur Chris Ronzio walks you through his proven framework for building a playbook: the profile of your business, the people who work in it, the policies that guide it, and the processes that operate it. He shows you how to codify your culture and create a living document that allows you to let go of day-to-day responsibilities and empower your team to run the business without you.

If you want to build a company that doesn’t rely on you putting in more hours, this book will show you the way.

Chris says, "YEC members are serious about scaling their businesses. That’s a given. And we’ve been told for years to work ON the business, not IN it. But while books like The E-Myth inspired you to think about systems, documentation, and building a franchisable business, they didn’t teach you how to do it. The Business Playbook does that. It provides an approachable, instructional 4-part framework for actually documenting what you do, so you can structure and scale your company beyond you."

About the Author:

YEC member Chris Ronzio, CEO and founder of Trainual, is energized by progress, and driven by process. He loves producing innovative ideas and making an impact by organizing chaos and getting things done.


“Business owners and managers, this one is for you. In this book, Chris shares his proven strategies for scaling a business. Spoiler: it all comes down to properly structuring your business and training your team to grow beyond you. Remember, there’s no “i” in team or entrepreneur!”
— Daymond John, Founder & CEO FUBU, The Shark Group / TV Personality, ABC Shark Tank

“Chris has finally laid out the principles and structures that all leaders and companies need in order to excel. With his advice, you’ll have beautiful, easy-to-follow systems that the people in your company actually want to use. His methodology on playbooks will forever change how you view and build your businesses.”
— Cameron Herold, founder, COO Alliance; author, Meetings Suck

“When small businesses plateau, it’s because they haven’t documented and put the processes in place that enable other people to execute. Chris teaches you exactly how to do that with this book.”
— Clate Mask, CEO & co-founder, Keap, formerly Infusionsoft

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