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YEC News September 20, 2019

Sean Hinton Speaks on AI and Reskilling

Sean Hinton shared his vision of harnessing the power of AI to help individuals and enterprises retrain and reskill in a recent interview with Deloitte's Chief Futurist. Sean will also be taking the DisruptHR stage in San Francisco to share his vision for the Future Of Work and the integral role reskilling plays along with fellow innovators and thought leaders.


Steli Efti Launches Starter Plan for Close

Steli Efti launched Starter Plan for Close, making top-rated sales platform available for early-stage startups. The CRM with built-in calling, emailing, and SMS has been powering sales for many of today's fastest growing startups. Now even teams of 1-3 salespeople can get make use of the same sales technology.


Rahul Varshneya Launches CurveBreak

Rahul Varshneya announced the formal launch of CurveBreak, an SEO-driven content marketing agency focused on revenue growth. Rahul is well-known for driving brand visibility and traction via content strategies as demonstrated in his ventures and those that CurveBreak has worked with.


These are just a few of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on on the YEC blog. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments for our communications team to share.