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YEC News October 21, 2019

Alyssa Rapp Publishes Leadership & Life Hacks

Alyssa Rapp announced the publication of her new book, Leadership & Life Hacks: 100 Tips for Achieving your Goals with Maximum Efficiency and Impact. It’s the perfect guidebook for anyone hungry to be more efficient and effective. Alyssa takes you into the boardroom and into her own home, providing invaluable strategies for everything from leading a meeting with key stakeholders and managing a household, to answering emails and taking colleagues to rock concerts. The book launches October 29th; a free chapter is available now.


Redbird Advisors Expands Services

Drew Gurley announced that Redbird Advisors has expanded services to banking institutions and launched a new site to educate the younger, upcoming bankers’ population.


FORTUNE and Opportunity Network Announce Partnership

Brian Pallas announced that Opportunity Network is partnering with FORTUNE as a part of its deal matching program for vetted investors and business leaders. Brian says, “FORTUNE is one of the best brands for CEOs globally, and they have proven their reliability and expertise decade after decade. We are proud to partner with them to deliver growth opportunities to CEOs."


SkyHive Joins Cascadia Commitment

Sean Hinton's company, SkyHive, is one of the first members of the Cascadia Commitment, a new way forward for organizations ready to adopt ethical Artificial Intelligence while safeguarding data, practices, and/or customers. Other participating leaders include Northeastern University, Domain7, and Open Roboethics. In addition, SkyHive is a member of the Consumer Technology Association's new Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, working toward this more diverse environment alongside some of the most influential tech companies in the world.


These are just a few of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on on the YEC blog. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments for our communications team to share.