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YEC News June 19, 2019

Cresco Capital Partners Closes Oversubscribed $60 Million Fund

Codie Sanchez’s company, Cresco Capital Partners, announced the closing of an oversubscribed $60 million fund (CCP Fund II), surpassing their goal of $50 million. Cresco Capital Partners has deployed approximately $22 million to date from Fund II in 15 companies that operate across the cannabis supply chain.

Jeremy Brandt Profiled in REI Ink Magazine

Jeremy Brandt was profiled with a cover story in REI Ink Magazine where he talked about entrepreneurship, mentoring, his life journey, and real estate investing.  

Robert Glazer Delivers TEDx Talk

Robert Glazer recently presented his first TEDx Talk, entitled, "It's Time to End Two Weeks Notice." In the talk, Robert discusses why the “two weeks notice” paradigm for changing jobs is a broken system that is bad for both employees and companies, and discusses a better way to handle employee transitions — a Mindful Transition program that is built on honesty, transparency, trust and respect.  

Killer Infographics Renamed to Killer Visual Strategies

Amy Balliett shared that her company, Killer Infographics, has changed its name to Killer Visual Strategies. The new name is a more accurate reflection of the full range of services that Killer offers. The visual campaigns that Killer crafts for its clients encompass a diverse array of media, including infographics, motion graphics, augmented reality, interactive experiences, social-media micronarratives, print materials, and more.  

Odigia Teams Up with MERLOT

Joshua Moe's company, Odigia, a leading learner engagement platform, has partnered with MERLOT to leverage their vast content repository, empowering institutions to create and deliver engaging course experiences. Odigia's intuitive tools and flexible environment drives more personalized learner engagement while providing real-time insight on performance.   These are just a few of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments to our team here.