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YEC Members Helping One Another: Resources During COVID-19

YEC Members Helping One Another: Resources During COVID-19

This is a compilation of offers from current members seeking to support each other through the COVID-19 crisis. Please note that these offers have not been vetted or endorsed by YEC. Please use your own judgment and discretion with these offerings.

YEC members, share a resource of your own in the member forum and we'll add it here.

Help Solve the Problem

Artur Kiulian of Colab: CoronaWhy is an international group of 300+ volunteers whose mission is to improve global coordination and analysis of all available data pertinent to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure all findings reach those who need them. CoronaWhy needs help in these areas.

Robert Kinsler of United Fray: Raffling off a classic Land Rover Defender to help support our staff, other small businesses and front line medical personnel impacted by the COVID19 shutdowns. 

Jonathan Gabriel Sparks of Sparks Law: Email me re: products for hospitals (facemasks, culture swabs) // Connection to supply factories producing them

Adapt Your Business

Alfredo Atanacio of UAssistMe: New free ebook called "The Ultimate Manager's Guide to Assembling and Managing a Remote Team During a Health Crisis." This ebook, given as a gift, can come in handy to managers all over the world to check it out. In here, Uassist.ME has compiled its experience in assembling and managing remote teams and sharing it with the world.

Arash Asli of Yocale: Complimentary video conferencing tool, no download, for necessary business.

Pedro Goes of InEvent:  Complimentary video conferencing tool, no download necessary (Virtual Lobby)

Luke Kupersmith of Lojistic: Free UPS/FedEx audit and refund recovery services for the entire year (2020).

Riccardo Conte of Virtus Flow: Complimentary extended 3-month trial of digital process automation platform

Raad Ahmed of LawTrades: Complimentary PPP Eligibility Assessment and option to onboard a small biz lawyer

Tom Burden of Grypmat: Email for help registering for the COVID19 benefit package

Corey Northcutt of Northcutt Enterprise SEO: Help for people with new challenges from COVID19/quarantine, or ecommerce ecosystem vendors offering up solutions

Kevin Getch of Webfor: Insights and strategies on how to navigate these choppy waters

Christine Yaged of FinanceBuzz: Yorcue is offering a cart-to-purchase platform for small businesses: "We’re giving it away for free so that you can streamline your business immediately and offer pick-up and delivery services to your customers online."

Erik Huberman of Hawke Media: Quarantine Conference with Daymond John:  A no-contact networking and idea exchange where we’ve curated the industry’s best programming to equip your business to survive and thrive through this unprecedented pandemic and beyond

Liam Martin of TimeDoctor.com: Free webinar video on emergency work from home deployment

Shamit Khemka of SynapseIndia: Free “Work from Home” consult 

Matthew Manos of verynice: "Make it Remote" survival guide

Traci McMillan Beach of Craft Impact: Free video review of one of your communications, whether to customers, stakeholders, or employees; send your piece to Traci here.

Matt Knee of MyCompanyWorks: Free small business action plan

Dave Boehl of GoLastMinute: Resource site on how the coronavirus is impacting travel

Enrich Your Mind

Robert Glazer of Acceleration Partners is offering his e-book, Elevate, for free until April 7. He says, "I truly believe the capacity-building framework and messages included in this book are more important than ever. "

Phil LaBoon of Growth Stackers is offering his e-book, Automate Your Income, free for a limited time.

Gene Swank of Propellant Labs: Our schools opened up our curriculum FOR FREE to any student (you don't have to be enrolled).

Rahul Varshneya of CurveBreak: Some libraries subscribe to ReferenceUSA; if yours does, use your library card to log in and access business and residential information for reference and research

Be Well

Gene Swank of Propellant Labs: Free interactive workshop: Managing Anxiety Amidst A Pandemic with Dr. Cheri McDonald

Shilpi Sharma of Kvantum Inc.: Free online yoga classes

Strategize for the Future

Dan Lucas of Credo: "Cash is King" webinar for CFOs and CPAs / CVG Advisors 

Ashleigh Hansberger of Motto: Free consultation calls to help you with your brand — insight or strategic direction. Email Ashleigh.

Jinny Hyojin of WANDR: Daily webinars: Monday - Value & Culture; Tuesday - Communication & Tools; Wednesday - Process Documentation ; Thursday - Remote Onboarding & Training; Friday - Collaboration & Kickoff 

Chris Brisson of Salesmsg: Free video on how to double webinar attendance in less than 5 minutes

Kim Phillips of Powerful Professionals: Simple tech-easy process for setting up webinar sales funnels

Have Fun

Andrea Lake of StickerJunkie.com: Online 90-minute hangouts with celebs & influencers for $7

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