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YEC Member Company ReTargeter Is Acquired by Sellpoints

YEC member Arjun Dev Arora recently announced the acquisition of his company, ReTargeter. ReTargeter optimizes your ad spend with highly targeted, real time digital advertising solutions and account management. They are a full-service display advertising solution.

Arjun's bootstrapped company became one of the top 100 on Inc's Fastest Growing Companies list. The partnership between Sellpoints and ReTargeter enables brands to maximize return from their audiences on their highest value retail channels. Sellpoints is a pre-marketing conversion engine that helps brands orchestrate sales online.

With this acquisition in place, Sellpoints’ customers will be able to target and retarget shoppers on their retail channel network.

"The combination of Sellpoints’ big data capabilities with ReTargeter’s product offerings will enable us to deliver powerful and innovative solutions that drive measurable and meaningful growth in sales and ROI for our customers,” says ReTargeter CEO Blair Jeffris.

Read the full announcement here.