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Welcome Tyler Hanway, Chief Technology Officer at Consumer Brands, LLC

YEC members are successful entrepreneurs who’ve built world-class companies. The founders of impactful businesses, each new professional is a welcome addition to the group. So join us this week in welcoming one of the newest members of our community: Tyler Hanway.

Tyler Hanway is the chief technology officer at Consumer Brands, LLC. This technical and creative team consists of a diverse group of professionals including programmers, developers, artists, writers, scientists and more. They all work together to acquire and create proprietary internet brands and increase their value by means of recurring revenue. Tyler is experienced in Linux server management, A/B testing and optimizing websites for increased call volume.

Consumer Brands recently hired a PR expert. The company has also been working hard to achieve better server response and load times.

Looking to connect? Reach out to your member concierge at concierge@yec.co and mention how you could help each other out.

You can also connect with Tyler on LinkedIn.