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How Can I Make a New Podcast Successful?

The Ask an Entrepreneur series features YEC members' experiences in entrepreneurship in a Q&A format.


Question: How Can I Make a New Podcast Successful?

I'm launching a new podcast with the goal of building my expertise in my industry. But with so much podcast content out there, I'm not sure how to make it truly worth the investment of my time and resources. What can I do to help set my podcast up for success?


Meet Our Entrepreneur: Eric Siu, CEO, Single Grain

Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency, Single Grain. He also interviews entrepreneurs on his podcast, Growth Everywhere. Eric has helped venture backed startups to Fortune 500 companies grow their revenues online. 


Answer: Don't Give up (and Ask Yourself the Following Questions)

So, you started your podcast, did the launch, marketed your new show... and no one is listening. It’s disappointing, frustrating — and podcasting, more than anything, makes you feel vulnerable because you put yourself out there and you don’t have an audience.

I’ve been there: When I started my first podcast, Growth Everywhere, I was also busy trying to turn around the agency I just bought (now Single Grain, a successful digital marketing agency). Even with the time I was putting into my business, I was spending six hours a week interviewing people, writing the show notes, uploading the show, making sure the format looked good, sharing on social media...

With all that work, I still didn’t get a response — after the first year I was only getting nine downloads/day.  But I kept going. After the second year, I was only getting 30 downloads/day.

I kept going. With my content marketing background, I knew that consistency and patience produced results. Just like building site traffic, it’s not a six-month thing. It’s a journey that can take a year or more.

Now Growth Everywhere gets 25K downloads/day and the podcast I co-host with Neil Patel, Marketing School, has over 13M downloads!

So… if you’re not seeing success yet, ask yourself...

  • Am I being consistent and patient?
  • Am I promoting it on my email list, social channels, Facebook groups, telling everyone about it?
  • If I’m not seeing traction organically, have I tried running some social ads?
  • Is my content really, genuinely good?
  • Is my audio quality good?
  • How do I sound? Do I come across as monotone or boring? Ask friends for honest feedback.

The most important thing, and I can’t reiterate it enough, is don’t give up. Put out a show every day if you can. Don’t get discouraged — your podcast might not blow up overnight but if you put the effort in you will start getting the downloads, build word-of-mouth recommendations, and watch your audience grow.