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3 Models for Compensating a Salesperson With Jeff Nay

Written by YEC | Oct 31, 2016 1:00:11 PM

In this video clip, Jeff Nay of Sandler Training outlines the different methods to consider for salesperson compensation. From commission-only to salary plus commission to salary plus bonus, he explains the advantages and disadvantages associated with each model.

We want to have a salesperson who has enough money to live and to eat, but then we give that salesperson the ability to make quite a bit more money on top of that depending on their production."

More about our partner: Effective selling requires more than just good sales skills. At Sandler Training, the entire sales process is refined to support your unique entrepreneurial journey. From building the best sales team to empowering your leaders to managing the sales process, the Sandler experts will guide you to sales success.